Hi, I’m Rachel.

A freelance UX, product, and front-end designer.

For 8+ years, I’ve helped companies from small startups to Fortune 50 companies build products that are simple, beautiful, and easy to use. Recent projects include:

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fearless, fast and thorough design work

Alan Joseph Williams, Product Lead @ Code for America
Rachel is one of the most empathetic designers I know. She truly wants to make sure her client, project, and team succeed on every level. Over the last few years I've seen her grow as a designer, front-end developer, and a consultant. Numerous projects were successful from her single-handedly making sure the client was satisfied with all aspects of the project. Her passion for making sure the product is designed with the users needs put first is refreshing and a true asset to any team.
Andrew Cohen, Product Design Lead @ ConsenSys
My experience working with Rachel was the same as others — it was an ideal consultant relationship. Rachel not only brought expertise and skill to the design of a complex product experience, but she brought a level of insight and professionalism that made the entire product development process more effective. Rachel was a crisp, clear and frequent communicator and stellar 1:1 collaborator. I can't recommend her highly enough for fearless, fast and thorough design work.
Alan Joseph Williams, Product Lead @ Code for America
Every time I've worked with Rachel, I've been confident from start to finish that the resulting design and implementation will be a great fit for the design problem we're solving together. She is a great communicator, self-manages time and budget on projects, is fun to work with, and is willing and able to do the front-end development of her designs or those of teammates. Clients and teammates at thoughtbot know to expect above and beyond effort and enthusiasm from Rachel. She's a pleasure to work with, and reliably delivers excellent results.
Dan Croak, Lead Developer @ Chain
Rachel brings amazing energy, personality, and skill to design that is incredibly difficult to find. She has the rare ability to execute a well crafted user experience from concept to implementation. Our clients always rave about her final products and enjoy working with her immensely - she is a true asset.
Kyle Fielder, Chief Design Officer @ thoughtbot
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Product Design Sprints, and Why They Lead to Success

As a developer, it can be challenging to hone in on a plan for an MVP that looks great and can be implemented within the time and budget scope. This talk introduces the 5-phase Product Design Sprint process. Starting with design thinking and ending with a user-tested prototype, a Product Design Sprint orients the team and effort toward a mutual goal and improves the changes of making something people want.
droidconf London | London
Design Sprint facilitation
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